Sunday, 27 November 2011

picture from tess at magpie tales no.93
by c.donnier-valentin

Bag Lady

my back so sore
by way of a miracle
under the arches
of Saint Pancras
a raspberry red,
if somewhat dusty
 itchy velvet reminded me
of the seats on the number 47 bus
on my daily ride to school
i think it was in '41
that was some time ago

the trains lulled me asleep
slumber only disturbed by the uninterested revelers
who passed by loudly unseeing
in the night
i clutched my bags closer and turned my back
to dream of better times to come.
the roosting pigeons cooed and fluttered
 my alarm call at dawn
i stretched old bones creakily
to another day
wandering the city
hopeful that my bed 
may remain another night

I once read that we are all only two steps away from being homeless, i can think of nothing worse that being in that situation, to have nowhere to call home.


  1. no doubt...these days we may all be closer than 2 steps

  2. Refuge for a bag lady - nice take on the prompt.

  3. Very moving; congratulations.

  4. A poignant piece of writing .. I loved it!

  5. i figure i have been close in my life...and i am sure such a comfy bed is not always available...i work with the homeless often...

  6. I like the idea of pigeons forming her bed cover
    nice poem

  7. A lot of feeling in this. A joy to read.

  8. Miracles come in many forms, eh....?

  9. Lovely this - I hope the sofa remains for the bag lady.

    Anna :o]

  10. Very touching. I too could think of nothing worse than to be homeless, especially at this time of year. Love Linda x

  11. nice depiction of the day of a baglady

  12. hmm. Well done! She was safe on the school bus, going home to a family, a dinner, her own room... I liked how you compared it to that. A small comfort for one night....

  13. beautiful...beautiful! Thank You for sharing.


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