Monday, 12 December 2011

Full Moon December Day

full moon
on rippled water
this is the early morning
below a fish is belly up
while slowly the heron gracefully rises
in flight away
down stream
a hoar frost coats the bridge
we gingerly walk across
fearing slips
and slides
splash and chatter from the ducks
makes the black dog stand and consider
whether they are worth the effort
of being up to his neck in mud
with a shake
he decides against it
we walk towards the rising sun
this December Day.

This is a slight if somewhat clumsy nod to Tess's Magpie tales number 95 today, go over and see the 'real' prompt picture and others wonderful creations.


  1. I saw the photo of your black dog... Is it a Schnauzer? We used to have a wonderful one named Jazz. I love your poem and can so relate! (I currently own three dogs..)

  2. The full moon was amazing the other night and I loved the action, movement, in your words ....
    Hugs Lynn xx
    Bet you are so busy at work xx

  3. nice...some great descriptions in hoarfrost too...def not worth being up to your neck though...smiles..

  4. Greetings:

    Hope all is well.

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