Sunday, 8 January 2012

abstract, the poem and the painting!!

i am but a speck on the floor
walk by and you will miss me
grand towers rise
to the copper sky
of sunset
and icons watch
while i breathe the city dust
and dirt
and spit the phlegm of despair at your feet .

This is the 99th Magpie tale from Tess, since i am trying to paint a picture a day this is also day 8 of that challenge!!!
Boy what was i thinking!! ha ha!!
Do go over and see what everyone else is up to.


  1. Poem and painting, verse and vision. I like both.

  2. Hi Kay, you certainly have taken on quite a bit here.
    You are doing well, I like poem and painting.

  3. Excellent poem! I love this part especially:

    "grand towers rise
    to the copper sky
    of sunset"

    Good luck with completing a painting a day; THAT is ambitious indeed. I can't wait to scroll down and give them a look. I also paint.


  4. Kay,
    A painting a day! That is great Ma'am.You'll have a lot on your plate,365 no,366 this year. I might just emulate you at 52 this year( I need to catch up for the 2 weeks of Jan though)My medium would mainly be pencil and pastel sketches. Will be following you and thanks for visiting!


  5. I am with the others here. I like them both too. I also like the commitment.

  6. kay i think you're awesome!!!! steven

  7. That's how we all feel here..just specks, but some do make it to Broadway! Well said..

  8. I love both images and your words are great...and spit the phlegm of despair at your feet..powerful words

  9. spit the plemm of that is a line...def stark...i like the city but yes you can certainly be a speck..esp in the eye of those above...

  10. I have never seen Yul portrayed that way...Cool!

  11. me too... i love poems and painting... but i can only do a simple poem and not painting... but i love them both...



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