Monday, 27 February 2012

andy looks a scream

cream of tomato and chicken
red and white
cans up high and for infinity
campbells curlicue
a clam chowder of seaside memories
we are  crouching
tin to tin
a trolley waits
red and white
soup tins
white and red
rows and rows
stacked high
in the aisle
your soul loaded.

David Bowie used to sometimes write songs by cutting up all the text and rearranging it into something else.
I tried it..i think its rubbish but what the was an experiment!!
the link is Campbell soup-> Andy Warhol-> David Bowie


  1. I seem to remember you helping me with school homework with the exact same worked then, and i think it makes it interesting, just like andy himself!!

  2. Nicely done. I think Andy Warhol had a little bit of OCD but then who knows.
    Great use of the prompt :)

  3. Seaside memories and trolleys .. I like your poem.

  4. I shall have to give that a go, some when... Thanks for the tip. :)


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