Sunday, 15 April 2012

Look Deep

Gently i dip my toe into the water
running down the street
cascading past the red roofed houses
glistening with tears 
lost forever 
cherry blossom falls through  
moonlight catching its path 
downwards settling on the ledges
of hopes and desires below
i bow low not knowing the meaning 
but holding myself tight with expectation and love
whirling images of
scarlet and blue
bright in my mind 
jangling with thoughts and justifications 
willing these ideas and dreams
that once would have failed
now only need that elbow push
to succeed 
then i will be true to my heart
i will look deep
into cracks and crevasses
flint stone and  smokey glass
to find strength and power
that i know is there
i will lay  myself bare 
here my soul is naked before you
look i tell you
look hard and in the deep dark mucky depths
you will find the seeds waiting
germs in a heartbeat
unfurling slowly
reaching out 
soon they will manifest into 
a shining halo of success.

Many thanks to Tess for the image of Red Roofs by Marc Chagall for this Magpie Tales


  1. Beautiful Kay...I especially like the part about dipping the toe in the water...

  2. i love the voice in this...and i like the hope in the end...though you may have to look hard the seeds are there...smiles.

  3. This speaks very much of spiritual growth and learning about oneself.
    Lovely imagery

  4. Lovely. Success can be a long time coming...(or identifying).

  5. Definitely a halo! I really
    enjoyed this.

  6. I love the sense of power you create to evoke your spiritual rebirth. Some visions are clear and others are not. This is a wonderful response to the prompt, Kay. Thank you for sharing.

  7. A great piece on introspection.

  8. Yep, the new lfe is in the mucky stuff for me too, very moving

  9. This reads like a lovely dream ...


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