Sunday, 6 May 2012

Summer visitors


i woke up
and drew the curtains
to find 
a host of swallows
chattering perched on high wires
flitting and fluttering
forty three tiny hearts beating 
just the other side of a pane of glass
the air was alive with them.

The Mag 116

                                                          image RAD Stainforth


as we walked in the very early morning
the joy of the swallows
wrapped around 
my heightened senses

heavy cloud could not diminish 
the lightness i felt
feet floating above the ground
skimming over mud and flint

if a gust of wind had happened by
i should have been lifted 
up and over 
the freshly emerging canopy
of green

as we passed over the bridge
the river newly swollen by rain
rushed below
dredging weed and fallen twigs 

while in the distance 
the approaching beat of air
against white wings
 as five swans fly by
feather on gray

we are the only ones in the world
this morning
with nature as our close companion.


'You never enjoy the world aright, till the sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens and crowned with the stars.-

Thomas Traherne


  1. i like the sense of being lifted above the canopy

    the river

  2. I love the last two lines it set the tone of a lovely moment I was having as I read this

  3. i knew you stayed in this house for a reason!! I hope they stay all summer long xxx

  4. Between the morning, the chittering and flapping outside the windows, the waterside walk and the and exhilaration of beating wings, I am overwhelmed by the joy in this poem ... it's so lovely!

  5. this is such a tender poem and so thoughtful. I love the "swollen by rain" it was today...and "the Swallows wrapped around"...super images. I saw the first swallow on the Mersey yesterday! Thankyou.

  6. nice...i absolutely love moments like that when i am in communion with nature and we are the only all the sounds as well of the birds, and life...

  7. And who wouldnt want to be alone with a companion as lovely as this!

  8. Lovely...and it's always good to keep nature close by!

  9. The joy of the transported me there...

  10. thank you all for your comments...

    Susan...i'm glad you felt the filled me up to bursting that day..all things felt possible!!

    Hi Gerry...i'm glad these amazing birds are close by you too..thanks for visiting me..x

    hi Brian...that morning i just didn't care if i was the last person on the planet..the universe whirled around me!!

    dear Tess..your picture just complemented my morning entirely!!..thanks..x

  11. A perfect walk - beautifully captured.

  12. You convey that wonderful feeling of being the only one awake in all that beauty..

  13. Stunning in all its fractal complexity, your words engaged my very senses in a way that no machine ever could replicate, thanks Kay

  14. You caught nature at it's very best with exquisite words.

  15. You beautifully captured the spirit of the prompt...

  16. A beautiful piece.

    I also love your header. Very pretty.

  17. I feel as if I have ventured there with you.....lovely writing! :-)


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