Sunday, 3 June 2012


image  klaus enricque gerdes

on spring day
flushed with enthusiasm
dogeared  garden catalogues
lounged in teetering piles
between the spiders webs
and shards of terracotta 
of a rickety old garden shed
once blue
but now creaking mildewed decay 
i planted seeds of promise
watered carefully 
watching for telltale signs of emergence
always amazed 
in the lengthening days 
at shoots and tendrils
dancing and twirling
around  wig-whammed  pyramids
all summer i fought to keep you  in check
as my back was turned
you swelled in dark earth
flowered in inappropriate places
shining with  abundance
regardless of my interference.

My poem for this weeks The Mag. Head over HERE to see the others.


  1. i like dog eared gardens and shards of terracotta

    very nice imagery

    fruit essence facial mask

  2. Beautiful write Kay..."flowered in inappropriate places" reached out and grabbed me...

  3. flowered in inappropriate places...ha...but it is interesting how that happens, it has a mind of its own and goes where it will...

  4. this so captures that experience of seeing that nature - of which we are a shining example - has a mind of its own! steven

  5. So cool I love watching thing grow thought I could feel the love through this piece thank you so much for sharing x

  6. now, that was beautiful
    spoke to the gardener in me

  7. A beautiful poem about why people love gardening. I love seeing someone elses gardening but this makes me want to try again. I love flowers. I do love watching plants grow.

  8. Very "day of the triffids", Kay, thanks

  9. happy gardening here.....happy reading too...

  10. Isn't it magic, when plants do their own thing and pop up in unexpected places? :)


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