Sunday, 17 June 2012


                        puddle 1952 Escher

i knew i could never walk in your footsteps
i never required the middle class respectability
of sports clubs and work friends
sometimes you looked
with uncompromising scorn
on my thoughts and beliefs
as if my interests were of no consequence
and praise from your lips would
somehow dirty your hands
however as time moved on
our ages became closer
a chink glinted out of the corner of your eye
the start of understanding
you saw me as a woman not your child
my struggle to be helped not laughed at
we came to a silent understanding
on the night when fireworks lit up the sky
i held your hand
and said goodbye. 

'See you later a while crocodile'

My piece for a Fathers Day Magpie Tales. Do go over to Tess's and see the others.


  1. it is pretty cool how once we are older a respect can develop and then a real friendship begin with a parent...after college i got along much better with mine...smiles.

  2. Beautiful beautiful tribute Kay...

  3. a lovingly written realistic portrait of evolving human relationships.

  4. An oh so poignant poem - lovely work...

  5. I love your poem... especially the strength to walk away from such a sham in the end (amid fireworks even)! Admirable and thank you for sharing, Kay.

  6. You tell quite a story, in a few well-writtenn lines...

  7. Love this! My father passed away when I was only sixteen ... I still say the 'see you later alligator ...' to my grandchildren!!

  8. So touched by this..we all have to grow up sometime..Love, "See you later"...perfect...


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