Sunday, 5 August 2012

last night

this morning
carefree and lithe
we walked through the meadow
delighting in the scent of  fresh mown grass
to the horses in the paddocks
velvet muzzles
nibbling in search of crisp apples and such
gentle whinnying 
we thought they told us secrets
of love and amber eyes
watching closely
you pushed back a lock of ebony curls
i shivered
even though the sun was warm
on linen shirts and moleskin
you brushed my lips dry
as i sighed with the  hope of it all.

the image is by john singer sergeant


  1. Well anything with horses just melts me- thanks! any day of the week.

  2. nice...i like this much..a bit of the everyday magic in it i think...a walk in the meadow...the horses...and the drying of lips...smiles..

  3. The carefree days with someone so dear can happen in ordinary surroundings and can still be fun! Nicely crafted Kay!


  4. Caught in the midst of thought of the lovely morning, I expect her any minute to lift one hand and touch her lips.

  5. I like the picture you painted here.


  6. A poem that appeals to all the senses. No wonder she has that faraway look.

  7. It is in all hope that we live, and survive....


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