Sunday, 19 August 2012

October mist

under windsor bridge 1912 adolfe vallette

last night
we waited for the man with a truck of flowers
while a police car slid by
slowly watching us
for inappropriate dealing
dusk was falling
on a cold October  day
as mist rose slowly
rowing teams glided past
shouts echoing on Victorian bricks
avoiding calamity
a dog splashed down the slip way
scattering ducks
beaks tucked under wings
washed in amber  light.


This did happen, by a bridge, in Windsor, we were trying out  a new supplier, his flowers turned out not to be so good.
The picture also reminded me of my grandfather who worked in the Camel-Laird shipyard in Birkenhead throughout the war, I'm sure he saw lots of foggy days like this as he rode his bike to work.
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  1. it's so nice to see a real story about the place. i had to come up with something, and i'm sure a lot of people did, but to you, this was just first nature :0

    under windsor bridge senryu

  2. ha interesting you had the memory o pull windsor even...nice imagery you really set the scene well in this...

  3. The amber color of the fog conjured thoughts of October, too.

  4. I love the idea of waiting for flowers in the mist with dusk falling. It's imaging their color in a day "washed in amber light"


  5. I like this. Simple, clear, descriptive. The title is my favorite, and the ending:

    "scattering ducks
    beaks tucked under wings
    washed in amber light"

  6. Having a basis of fact in your own story somehow makes the picture even more mysterious! Thank you. :)

  7. i think i need to thank Tess for finding an image which slotted into the real memory!! Thank you all for your great comments..i am always overwhelmed by them...x

  8. Love the flower idea! truth is grand-

  9. Very pretty poem. I loe the beaks under wings. k.

  10. I could tell immediately that this was a real memory . Beautifully evocative

  11. Very atmospheric. A river mist is a magical thing.

  12. What a beautiful take. It's terrific to actually be able to write about a real life experience.

  13. Lovely atmosphere in this. That 'amber light' made me giddy.


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