Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday Afternoon

when we were children
the days melded 
into one stream of out and about
as we explored 
the back of beyond 
pilots and warriors raced
through red brick alleys
pirates and wayfaring strangers
oblivious to cries from mothers indoors
cold dinners and forgotten aunts
our hands green 
from stripping sage leaves 
and rose petals
to mask the smell of stolen cigarettes
choked at behind high fences
we made pictures from clouds
and our dreams became wilder as the dusk settled
secrets whispered 
through cupped hands over ears
lights switched on and radios blaring
as we raced home for tea.

KD  23/9/12 

The image is Flying Down By David Salle 2006
Given to us by Tess at The Mag
do go and see the other writers is amazing!!


  1. Lovely memories.

    So much work for the privelage of smoking a cigarette.

  2. That sounds a lot more wholesome than what I extracted from the painting :-)
    Loved your deviousness in masking the tainted fingers with mint and roses.

  3. oh yes stolen smokes as a child-
    never thought of mint and roses as a mask for tobacco stench.

  4. Somehow this manages to capture the feel of this picture of wild dreams...

  5. I rather like your childhood, Kay...

  6. "Our hands green from stripping sage leaves"...great image among many!

  7. Stripping leaves! that caught me- and we used to strip the seeds off those weeds w/ 4 petals which took over many lawns- thanks!

  8. Perfect! I remember those days...

    Anna :o]

  9. I love that you conceptualized the painting as a memory of childhood days and all the foibles inherent in that. This is a beautiful poem, Kay. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Kay, I enjoyed that look into your past. Love Linda x

  11. this is awesome! you made me visit my childhood... love it!


  12. Such a lovely way to see the image.

  13. Wow, this so captures childhood and the dance of memories~


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