Sunday, 30 September 2012


image it must be time for lunch now by frances woodman

time stands still
under floorboards
of forgotten moments
between shards of splintered glass and grit
tarnished and rusted with mildew
unretrieved  pieces of life
once so important slip and slide into creases
leached  away through pores and lashes
to be twisted and turned
over and over
but all emotions
hidden deep below
are but a fragile shimmer
soon covered in dust.

KD 30/9/12

This is my piece for Tess and The Mag...drop over to see the others words on this haunting photograph.


  1. Nice capture of forgotten moments, soon to be covered in dust ~

  2. I really love the patina you have encased your words in here, Kay. What an expressive and gritty poem! Thank you for sharing it! =D

  3. I guess in time, everything fades, rots or, turns to dust.
    Lovely imagery.

  4. I like this very much Kay. My favorite lines are, 'unretrieved pieces of life/ once so important slip and slide into creases'

  5. If someone ever asked me to describe a painful memory of something that was lost, but that it was still remembered and wanted, I would give them this poem.

    I can feel the vividness and the yearning... for something that is no more.

  6. ... 'unretrieved pieces of life' ~ this phrase stood out for me in a poem with incredible impact.

  7. so many thanks for lovely comments and for visiting..i never know were these words come from..its all so deep..xx

  8. Strange how things we once considered paramount fade with time...

  9. I like the flow of the words. Nicely done!


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