Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hopes garden

image...midnight snack 1984 Curtis Wilson Cost

the very essence of me
is distilled and edited
pared down to the thinnest rice paper sheet
so transparent as to be barely there
footsteps dancing lightly 
on my patch of earth
small indentations left 
soil through toes
seeds scattered from fingertips
drove deep and mystic
we wait
for the bounty. 

KD 14/10/12

This weeks effort for the Mag over at Tess's place.....tell me what does the picture mean to you??


  1. Nice opening and closing line-
    waiting for the bounty ~ Lovely share ~

  2. I like the notion of your essence being distilled so beautifully thin...

  3. I really like the lines,
    '... essence of me
    is distilled and edited
    pared down to the thinnest rice paper sheet'

  4. Lovely landscapes where you are. Waking up there must be nice.

  5. I love the lightfootedness!
    what a lovely piece! thanks-

  6. At first it made me think of creepy, spooky, but then I stared at it a bit longer and it made me feel warmth, magic.
    Loved this, it also makes me think of fairies and elves dancing in the garden in the night hours :)

  7. I am sure the seed will burst forth again in Spring, Kay

  8. Waiting for the bounty of spring and day....this is lovely Kay! :-)

  9. Oh so beautiful Kay. I am sure the 'bounty'has already arrived.
    The picture makes me think of me right now, sitting here on this darn computer, when I should be in bed, but feeling a little peckish. The lights are blaring, the dog is snoring, but I say to heck with the world I am going to make me a tasty snack, half past midnight or not!! Goodnight! LOve Linda x


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