Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thirteen Bells

Thirteen bells ring out 
peels through the foggy  October skies
where the truths and promises swirl 
times of wonder 
 dread of dread.

I walk on rocky shores 
 horizons obliterated
uncurled serpents snapping at my feet
while tears salty from spray and melancholy
feel grainy on my skin
locked in a small cave of stone
to go back 
or onward roam?
hampered by paupers tales 
crumpled tight in pale blue papers
and pushed deep into musty pockets
with old thread and faded ribbons.

I pick up flat stones 
smoothed with the tides of the moon 
skim them into the mist
as a prayer
they settle
with barely a splash.

KD 20/10/12

Don't ask me what this is about..i have no idea...its been a tough week so perhaps i'd just like to go and hide!!
Go and see the other at The Mag they are amazing..xx


  1. We move through our lives somehow--I am not really sure how--but in between the pieces of things we find along the way, and the tears we move through, somehow he manage--for me, this piece was about the journey through---Beautiful write Kay!

  2. thank you Audrey for your beautiful insightful comment...x

  3. That is how the best poetry is born: without your knowing how or sometimes even why. When only 'when' is a certainty as soon as you read it back. A gift.

  4. sheesh this was awesome. and yes, though it was cryptic it was still awesome sauce. ...i just like how you talk. seriously.

  5. I love the smooth stones you ended your piece with, Kay. It leaves a little serenity for the reader. I hope the coming week will have more serenity for you. Thank you for sharing. =D

  6. beautiful! Wishing you a much better week,

  7. Dear Kay,

    I honestly thought this was an ode to the first thirteen colonies which formed the United States...Lovely read.

  8. hi ninotaziz,
    the original inspiration came when i read up about the symbol and the significance of the number thirteen...being a Brit it was not something i immediately recognized other than the all seeing eye of the Freemason movement..thanks for your comment and visit here,,xx

  9. Who cares what it means? It's beautifully expressed...

  10. I think that this is terrific. Very beautiful words pouring forth ... for not knowing what is is about.

  11. I think that this is terrific. Very beautiful words pouring forth ... for not knowing what is is about.

  12. Kay this is beautiful.....hope next week goes better for you....but you certainly write wonderfully through the tough times! :-)

  13. This poem is very dream-like. What a landscape!


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