Monday, 19 November 2012

My Two Stars

my two stars
you stand  next to me
even when we are parted
my heart is filled
as the oceans fills
unknown crevices
we have walked, talked
laughed and cried
through the dramas of our lives
and i know that you stand strong
in case i should fall
or vary from the path
your love cradles me
wrapped around soft and downy
you are my world
my distant horizon
and my tiny new shoots of spring.

KD 19/11/12

For Miss Magpie and The Darling Girl. With love.x

For the other takes on this image by Andrew Wyeth go to The Mag 


  1. Oh, this is lovely.
    I'm especially drawn to:

    "you are my world
    my distant horizon
    and my tiny new shoots of spring."

    Beautiful. Love the focus on the stars.


  2. Beautiful.
    Your joy is so obvious here :)

  3. This is Beautiful Ma...thank you, i wish i could write so eloquently about how i feel about you....we love you millions xxx

  4. Mementoes like these, are lovely. (I have a little bird someone gave me with a note that I treasure)

  5. A beautiful tribute to the love of our daughters.....lovely writing Kay!!


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