Sunday, 14 April 2013

resurrected souls

we are the resurrected
so high we are heavenly
with clouds below
and stars 
so bright we shield our eyes
feathers of swifts and larks
flutter against our cheeks
pecking at our hair
delighting in our waywardness
rainbows arch below
helter skelter
we slide as fragile prisms
fly-by-night raiders
of lesser souls.

Kay Davies  2013
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Today I saw my first swallow of the year..flying over the garden as I dug into the earth planting was magical...
the picture although by Kazma Petrov- Vodin reminded me of the fabulous Stanley Spencer, hence the reference to The Resurrection....xx 


  1. Beautiful words Kay, and I love the painting, although the guys top is a bit dubious!
    How lovely that the swallow flew over when you were in the garden. I am so appreciating birdsong at the moment.
    Lots of love, Linda x

  2. swifts and larks! nice one, thanks.

  3. helter skelter we slide

    Now you mention it, they do seem to be slipping! Haha!

  4. Oh to be high in the Spring air it's positively liberating this seasonal resurrection!

    I love the images you give us in this poem - feather of swifts and larks flutter against our cheeks pecking at our hair ... love this!

  5. Kay,
    Your poem is incredibly lovely ... the first few lines drew me in, kept me there.

  6. Lifted by true love...really delight in your waywardness!!

  7. Excellent the resurrection reference...


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