Sunday, 29 September 2013

rossetti's model

wind whipped
the leaden skies brewing
a maelstrom of clouds
and dust flies into waves
we gather collars close
burying our noses into fusty scarves
buffeted into each other
you catch my waist
before we tumble off the path
you say i look like Rossetti's model
auburn hair cascading into heather
i laugh at your romanticism
secretly flattered
i parcel up this moment
to hide it in a black metal chest
along with autumn leaves
pheasant plumage and marsh cotton.

KD 29/9/13

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  1. I have special place to tuck memories, too.

    Well done.

  2. This one feels good, like an old coat that you put on due to everything it invokes.
    ~Brenda W

  3. So vivid and playfully romantic. I especially like:

    i parcel up this moment
    to hide it in a black metal chest

  4. love the romantic image you lay out here, I must go see Rossetti's model ... to make the picture complete ...

  5. Thanks for the peep inside your treasure chest !. .....

  6. Yes! I really like the Rossetti reference..perfect path to it!

  7. What a tone you set in this magpie, and I just might have to get myself one of those black chests!

  8. A vivid scene, and the last four lines are perfect!


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