Sunday, 5 January 2014

rain splashed cobbles
reflects light
in your eyes
flecked gray

shadows lengthen
the  lifetime of cracks
and crevasses
which we tip-toe carefully over

in places a tiny shoot of green
battles against the odds
of crushing disappointment.

Its been a while......the madness of work saps all originality....see the others here.


  1. Nice feel to this piece, Kay; and yes we all search for &/or notice the odd green shoot that cracks the concrete reaching for sun sustenance, or the hardy weeds that crop up in the thin soil between bricks & stones.

  2. Cobblestones and greyness... that little rebellious green sprout is sorely needed.

  3. It's like riding a bike and you haven't lost the hang of it.

    You know what, Kay, there's nothing like the light of a new day to wash over all the loneliness and disappointment down on memory lane.


  4. I thought the poem was well done and I often look into the cracks to see what may have fallen in between.

  5. love the mysterious power fighting against the odds....

  6. What a lovely stroll this was!

  7. Oh, the tiny shoot of green. We all need it .....

  8. after reading your poem I went back to the image hoping to see a little green shoot.


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