Sunday, 16 February 2014


Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien 

the sofa squeezed through the door
slightly scraping the cedar wood frame
the patchwork throw
faded rugs followed
bulging with memories
which taking out
and turning over 
passed away a good few hours
of not thinking about 
'my situation'
windows flung open
the sound of life on the street drifted up
the shout and squeal
laughter and bark
an afternoons heat on the street
i arranged
and re-arranged things until their presence pleased me
later i looked through the evening sweat
and saw the stars above me
a promise hugged me close.

2014 KD

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  1. "boxes
    bulging with memories"

    I can see them, and wonder what's inside... wonder if I want to really know. There is something wondrous about memory... about not knowing how they will feel today.

  2. familiar scene...moving in and out...good you could see the stars after...and the promise to hug? ~ Great! ~ Love very much I ready to move again...

  3. This sounds so much like my experience in my first (and only) city apartment. Very nice!

  4. oh I have been here....poignant ords and I love the last line- so promising!

  5. I am totally intrigued by the last line ... will be rereading during the week. You've hooked me into coming back to think about this piece again ...

  6. This is so moving (no pun intended). I have a friend who recently had to downsize her living condition, doing so alone but bravely. Think I will send her the link to your poem.

  7. Those stars keep us rolling on!

  8. A promise hugged me close speaks of a hopeful new beginning. Beautiful!

  9. Something many of us can relate to - especially the box bulging with memories which can sidetrack us so easily.

  10. Touching. I can relate to some of this.

  11. Brings back memories of moving. great work, I love it.


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