Sunday, 29 June 2014


a game of patience 1937 by meredith frampton

shuffle the deck
slip slide down
within a salt scattered circle
carefully placed bloodstone
then tigers eye
set the tone
through the air of stale smoke
embassy blue
and crunching mints
my future turns
and tilts
with the emperor
the fool and the three of cups
daylight fades to shimmer
the knave of wands and temperance arrive
i throw the salt over my shoulder
before the devil and the ten of swords
gatecrash the pack
darkness descends to a single candle
i shun the tower and hermit
rose and geranium filter through the window
willingly i embrace the moon and stars
my patience rewarded.

29/6/14 KD
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  1. Nice write and i had just popped a ginger mint in my mouth before reading this

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  2. I swerve from tarot and all those kinds of things - even reading horoscopes! I did manage to read your poem all the way through though, and am unscathed. It suited the mood of the painting, I think :)

  3. I almost went this way too! :)

    "willingly i embrace the moon and stars
    my patience rewarded"

    Nice work.

  4. For some reason gambling and stale cigarette smoke go hand in hand. I don't like either! Wonderful poem!!!

  5. superstitions can be very damaging can't they? My mother spent most of our early childhood trying not to pass on the ones she inherited from her grandmother.

  6. Atmospheric, great use of words.

  7. What a ride, what a dance ! Thanks

  8. Clever playing with a Tarot deck! :-)

  9. Loved the write, Kay

    i throw the salt over my shoulder
    before the devil and the ten of swords
    gatecrash the pack.

    all powerful stuff.
    Nice to meet you ~ Eddie

  10. Very smooth, nice images and I am still pondering those mints!

  11. Don't know a thing about tarot, have never had the cards read, only my palm. And I suspect it was done on the cues that were cleverly fished for. I don't hold much to superstition, except as an amusing past -time. Salt over the shoulder falls into that category too. Although bad news usually does seem to come in "threes!" Clever little Magpie you've penned!

  12. many thanks for all your comments they are so much appreciated!!...the smoking and mints refer to my maternal grandmother who smoked like a trooper, sucked mints in-between the fags, told me scary inappropriate stories as a child and always had a deck of cards about her somewhere!!!

  13. 'Very superstitious! Writing's on the wall...', as Stevie Wonder would say. :)

  14. Kay, you have really captured the slight darkness or edginess the painting has. I love it! Love Linda x

  15. Tarot cards can be a game of chance or added a bit of mystery and I enjoyed the poem.


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