Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Rabbie Burns ....The Melancholy

The end of the year makes me slightly melancholy.....memories of losses....regrets...people loved no longer here....blessed be you...a hand to my heart...I send you all love and happiness for the next year...farewell to this one..xxx

Robert Carlyle...I love him...the pure emotion...makes me long for the hills and lochs....the people..the history....once upon a time I lived in Burns country...I never appreciated him then as I do now and Robert Carlyle just gets it spot on...

This is the reading
These are the words

Thy Gloomy December.

Ance mair I hail thee, thou gloomy December! 
Ance mair I hail thee wi' sorrow and care; 
Sad was the parting thou makes me remember- 
Parting wi' Nancy, oh, ne'er to meet mair! 

Fond lovers' parting is sweet, painful pleasure, 
Hope beaming mild on the soft parting hour; 
But the dire feeling, O farewell for ever! 
Is anguish unmingled, and agony pure! 

Wild as the winter now tearing the forest, 
Till the last leaf o' the summer is flown; 
Such is the tempest has shaken my bosom, 
Till my last hope and last comfort is gone. 

Still as I hail thee, thou gloomy December, 
Still shall I hail thee wi' sorrow and care; 
For sad was the parting thou makes me remember, 
Parting wi' Nancy, oh, ne'er to meet mair.

I raise a glass of the amber nectar to you all and bid you a Happy New Year. xx

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