Sunday, 29 November 2015

Autumn Veneer

Stone stands firm
the steam rising
from cauldrons of bubbling fat
of pig and duck
lays thin veneers
on marbled rooms.
Autumn cabbage invades nostrils
then quietly drips from architrave and pilaster,
While clove and juniper berries escape their pounding
by the pestle,
scattering from the clumsy cook
onto floors,
ground into crevices by leather soles
later deposited in Turkish silk.
A stray hair and drip of sweat
add impudence to the dish.


Joachim Buecklaer, 1560

The other poets work is here


  1. I think it still makes me hungry... but a certain fume will lay itself in the castle's rooms

  2. A whirl of vivid description, its movement like a chef's in a cook's kitchen!

  3. I was taken by this , hook , architrave and pilaster !

  4. Beautiful...brings to mind Babette's Feast...

  5. I like this :) When I cook all the aromas seem to end up in my bedroom!

  6. What a world you have created in this verse! So evocative, so appealing to all the senses. And I love that last two lines! Impudence is such a brilliant word. Well done!


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