Sunday, 17 January 2016

Magpie Tales...No.302

look down
between her being and her soul.
fathom depths
and reflective.
her heart has been
outgrown, split. splintered.
trace the hollow of a thought,
faded stripes
ripple the air
time cracks. dried. shadowed.
Lime plaster, a pale chalk pink
dusts her feet. Still.

KD 17/1/16

I wrote this  poem  in a homage to the way Bowie wrote at times...I cut it up and rearranged the lines ( he sometimes wrote his lyrics like this)...don't ask me what it means usually I have no clue!
The others are here.


  1. It's a list poem and very much like Bowie's writing! Perfect for the prompt. Hugs!

  2. Nice tribute to Bowie his lyrics were unique and his thought process complex yet compelling.

  3. It's perfect and a fine reflection on David.

  4. Thanks for sharing your (or Bowie's) technique. It turned out beautifully.

  5. I do not know who Bowie is frankly until I goggled him. But, I certainly liked this poetic reference

  6. I felt from the opening line, the more I read the deeper I got in her thoughts and core. That is an effective way to engage reader into the woman's reasoning.

  7. "The hollow of thought"...I love that many beautiful ones in this Kay!


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