Sunday, 27 July 2014

red comet

you gaze
long lidded and aquiline
a blush of gold
shimmers o'er you
my heart beats faster
your gaze holds mine
through eons of time
lost kingdoms and dust
lie between us
frankincense fills the air
long trapped in pillars of stone
sand filtered
piles up around us
the sun and moon aline
as the red comet flies overhead.


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Sunday, 20 July 2014

fallen oranges

brown paper bags
leaning tower style
straw, blue and logan
out front
bursting punnets stain
ripe scent rising
to entice.

storeroom racks
fusty and mildewed
hold  last years onions
and finger sprouting potatoes
ready to go on special
the mice depart for dark corners
darting eyes watching 
for fallen spoils

the saturday girl
 in the red checked apron
polishes and re-arranges 
dreaming of tonight's dance
juggling the possibilities
of this over that
when the shop door slams
the oranges scatter and bounce
to the four corners.

KD 20/7/14

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


run with me
up tattered tapestry steps
your hand in mine
footprints edge the dust
sighs and creaks
of wood and limbs
breathless counting 
jump two at a time
in our rush


Sunday, 29 June 2014


a game of patience 1937 by meredith frampton

shuffle the deck
slip slide down
within a salt scattered circle
carefully placed bloodstone
then tigers eye
set the tone
through the air of stale smoke
embassy blue
and crunching mints
my future turns
and tilts
with the emperor
the fool and the three of cups
daylight fades to shimmer
the knave of wands and temperance arrive
i throw the salt over my shoulder
before the devil and the ten of swords
gatecrash the pack
darkness descends to a single candle
i shun the tower and hermit
rose and geranium filter through the window
willingly i embrace the moon and stars
my patience rewarded.

29/6/14 KD
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alice on the walls.

fusty bedroom filled with trash
paint on the floor 
jars filled with ash
Bowie on repeat and Alice on the walls
remembering days 
as our good times rolled

late morning sleep ins
the house is empty
gate crashing losers
getting it on plenty
Bowie on repeat and Alice on the walls
feeling the world at our feet
as rainbows soared

out in the night
past the owls and the horse
stumbling through hay barns
as the music roared 
Bowie on repeat and Alice on the walls
pitch black fumbling
ripped lace then nothing at all.

KD  8/6/14

My father wouldn't let us have a record player but we did have a reel to reel deck.....happy memories.
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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Catch me

image by Martin Stranka

catch me
as i fall
eyes closed
and nonchalant
wind whipped
tangle around your unseen fingers
across clover scented hills
catch my breath
with your lips
breath me in
my essence
swoon with me
until we are floating
through deep mists 
and time is nothing
but a fluttering of swifts
on the breeze.

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Monday, 21 April 2014


Finland 1968 by gf mobely

i turned from the colour
stung by the canary and robin
eyes streamed with ice shards
i clung onto the black
focusing on the birch trees
and their  monochrome bark
mottled like my feet
in their inappropriate footwear.

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