Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Pictures

I was so lucky to have my work at Floret Flower Farm last month photographed by the amazing
photographer Georgianna Lane. It was a privilege to see her at work and I am beyond excited to have this image sent through to me yesterday.

And my favorite photo by Chris, we all got used to being constantly photographed over  the three days and on this day we also had a film crew from Martha Stewart's TV station....no time to be shy!!!

image by Chris Benzakein

Sunday, 16 November 2014

power on

we speed to the next place
unsure of what the destination will be
we follow signs
picking the next place if there is a second letter 'u' in it
or a road number with 'three' included
we are the wayward travelers
the ones of no fixed address
we pick the next pit stop by the colour of the doors
music tunes loud
reverberates the rubber
we leave the others seemingly stationary
our distance racing into the night
as the street lights become stars
and fried food a distant memory
we power on.

KD 16/11/14

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Laid Bare.

You wrapped me up in a tattered cloth of your hopes and fears
bound me tight with banners of love and duty
showed me the tarnished stars of your dreams,
I am held fast as we chase westwards.

Tired and distorted I struggled to be free
my skin a map of the rivers and valleys you took me to
wheals and welts etched as the cartographers pen
a hidden landscape rising in defiance.

See me now smooth and perfect
the marble stone, cool, alabaster
except on a dark night, a north wind raging fear
as I light the candles around me
the truth is laid bare.

KD 10/11/14

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dancing flag.

photo credit...Dick Blick Art

You have stolen me from an old masters painting
my petals, scarlet, flayed and fading
a homage to the season of spring
tattered petals sense revolt.

You pulled me from my quiet resting ground
shot me into an unknown reverie
of target practice against a gunpowder sky.

I am the dancing flag of your anger
the quivering stamen of fear
we  fall together
united into a squelching sea of mud
our singular beauty trodden upon
by unlaced  hard cracked leather boots
and sliding rusty horses shoes.

We lie face to face
you may survive
your story to tell
I will gather myself in
and wait the seasons turn.

KD 2/11/14

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

knit two

The detritus of our morning
followed a pattern
knit two together

KD 26/10/14

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Its all....

about the flowers at the moment......

the final hurrah in the walled garden......

when you think there's nothing left...

nature surprises you.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

thorn in my side

now i can think of you again now that the time of fallen leaves acorns and the debris of lost summer days are slowly buried fingers of lichen moss mold rise hiding old dramas arguments and improper language at bay you always hoped too much for me thought i was the graven  image of you  but that was never the truth the mirror lied reflections of a face but not the soul you always the proper person doing the right thing what the world expected of you and proud of that while i hid behind a smile of a cheshire cat thinking the words that would never be uttered from your pure mouth or mine truth be told until you left then i am free of any guilt to say and do anything knowing i would never get the look of chastisement and disappointment again i am sorry that you never really knew me and the astonishing person i am without the feeling of your eyes watching my back my every employment of a task my words to strangers and the blush of lost lovers that you took over in your zealous need for control i watch as those leaves blow in this october breeze and cover your name i kick earth to help your journey into the rain soaked ground hoping that the worms build casts over you and the roots of the rose we planted constrict your body as you had mine.

KD 19/10/14

NB. this is a work  fiction and is not about my mother!! Who is very much alive and a truly wonderful person!

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