Monday, 15 December 2014


photo by Robert Dolisneau

there are days
when everything seemed possible
on a horizon
an opaque mist rolls in

can you see it?

brace yourself
its gathering in corners
sniggering to itself
for that moment when you are carefree
you are counting those lucky, bright, sparkly stars above you.

then its there
your face
slapped with raw emotions
your silent mumbling reasoning
falls bleakly

a scarlet tipped hand held westwards
hopes to steady 
the pitch and sway
but you are blinded
in uncharted oceans

there are days
when nothing seems possible
but a warm breeze picks up
caresses your face
you lean into it
a silver cloud
expands into the brightest light
it shines across your face
your smile says everything.

KD 15/12/14

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This  year is coming to an end...time is weird..where has this year gone?

 Its been an amazing one for me with so many incredible highs, memorable days filled with hope and love, I hope it has been the same for all of you lovely people who visit here every week... may you be blessed and all your future days be wonder filled too. xx Kay

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dressing up.....

Victorian Extravaganza in our Little Shop of Flowers

any excuse to dress up....take with it....

second prize went to us....huzzah!!

Sunday, 7 December 2014


photo by Elene Usdin

its OK little one
nothing to worry about,
give me a minute
and we will go and play
shall we dress up?
you in your princess dress
your sparkly crown
and the wand,
the wand that grants wishes

what shall you wish for angel?

think hard
let it not be the wish on a whim
a momentary desire
go deeper,
search in the backrooms
through your dark corridors
until you find it
disguised as a false hope.

were will you take that wish sweetheart?

baby, you hold it,
encase it in swans down
and tuck it inside you
deep down in your very soul
nurture it, feed it, love it
feel it grow, warm and softly beating.

how do you know?

when the times right precious girl
you open you heart and let that wish fly
watch it gather around you
circling, dancing, caressing you
as its colours pulse through the universe
gathering the stars
and bring them right back to you
the world at your feet.

KD 7/12/14

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Sunday, 30 November 2014


Escher bond of union 1956


You have slowly peeled me apart
over the months
my very core is exposed to your eyes
i fall in segments
at your feet.

KD 30/11/14

An extraordinary image, see the other writers work

Sunday, 23 November 2014


                              snowstorm by maurice de vlaminck


We abandoned the car
in rutted ice
its engine steaming under zero.
Tied together by arms
we giggled and slipped
into the light of a winter moon
senses tingling.
Hoar frost grows
on tendrils of hair
escaped from hoods,
droplets slide down
scent cooling perfume
shivering thoughts become static
as we tumble
into the snow.

KD 23/11/14

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Pictures

I was so lucky to have my work at Floret Flower Farm last month photographed by the amazing
photographer Georgianna Lane. It was a privilege to see her at work and I am beyond excited to have this image sent through to me yesterday.

And my favorite photo by Chris, we all got used to being constantly photographed over  the three days and on this day we also had a film crew from Martha Stewart's TV time to be shy!!!

image by Chris Benzakein

Sunday, 16 November 2014

power on

we speed to the next place
unsure of what the destination will be
we follow signs
picking the next place if there is a second letter 'u' in it
or a road number with 'three' included
we are the wayward travelers
the ones of no fixed address
we pick the next pit stop by the colour of the doors
music tunes loud
reverberates the rubber
we leave the others seemingly stationary
our distance racing into the night
as the street lights become stars
and fried food a distant memory
we power on.

KD 16/11/14

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