Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lay me down.

as the summer evening draws in
memories filter through the fading light
of my days in the beds of peonies
gathered petals strewn  on the ground
i lay in a magenta grace
listening to swifts chattering their gossip
and the cry of the red kite
soaring the heavens
perfumed air a constant
(now a candle burns of peach and tamarind)
as the sun is a fickle partner.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


one day
will be able
to forget
that you fill
my mind
with inappropriate thoughts
your words hold me hostage,
an obsession,
twisting around me
as smoke, an image in
faded silver mirrors
flit a second out of sight,
perfumes catch momentarily
just out of range
a memory hiding somewhere
my grasp gone
that place you touched now numb
the lace etched on my skin
white, delicate for you
has been made a tattoo
i wear it like a talisman for your return
i cannot let you go.

kd 9/8/15

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

new dawn

i am the wild thing that sleeps deep within you
curled dormant for the moment
thread blooms of rose madder through my hair
weave oat grass wreaths to set at my feet
breath the earth
deep and pungent
worm casts dried and scattered to the winds

scar your knees
as you pray to the earth
rise bloodied
stretch free
for a new dawn.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


i saw the scars on your hands
relics of past disasters
a map of an untold tale
secrets hidden behind blue
the skylight of your misdemeanors
leave me
your beauty
I look to the heights
the dust of pine
and scented cedar
filter down
settling on my shoulders.

KD 21/7/15

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Sunday, 12 July 2015


i didn't see you go
the chest settling rattle
now silent
vanished into the bed sheets
white and starched and straight

one day i may regret that

i visited Kahil Gibran
and found solace
within his words
striding across the skies in a jet stream of beauty

in my mind now
you are astride a Norton
riding into the sun
free and vibrant

while we stay lost.....restrained and slow
awaiting our release.

KD 12/7/15

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Monday, 25 May 2015


Still life 1907 by John Frederick  Peto

Lazily left where she hung them
for this moment  home to spiders,
tattered silk is food for worms,
shredding skin in dust piles
The itch of her carpet bag
grazing my memory
sadly mournful,
inside the detritus of a last shopping trip
a broken earring and copper change
imprint fingertips now lost.
I pull  on her hat sharply
straw nibbles my ears
pass your scent to me
so I can remember your soft wrinkled hands
holding mine
and a dry lip on my cheek.

KD 25/5/15

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Sunday, 17 May 2015


image ulrika bolenz

Filigree wings
ethereally beat.

I walk beside
attar of rose geraniums
catching still air
touch my fingers,
erase the pain.

Will your eyes
illuminate my path?
Stretching replete
regardless of my sins
I walk free
smiling inside closely.

Sable lashes brush,
high cheeks blush
you cover me
eat my spent breath
willingly, again
and again.

The swifts heartbeats
caught at the window.
I bow low
and release her,
frightened  feathers
leave oil shadow imprints
on the glass.

KD 17/5/15

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