Thursday, 23 October 2014

Its all....

about the flowers at the moment......

the final hurrah in the walled garden......

when you think there's nothing left...

nature surprises you.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

thorn in my side

now i can think of you again now that the time of fallen leaves acorns and the debris of lost summer days are slowly buried fingers of lichen moss mold rise hiding old dramas arguments and improper language at bay you always hoped too much for me thought i was the graven  image of you  but that was never the truth the mirror lied reflections of a face but not the soul you always the proper person doing the right thing what the world expected of you and proud of that while i hid behind a smile of a cheshire cat thinking the words that would never be uttered from your pure mouth or mine truth be told until you left then i am free of any guilt to say and do anything knowing i would never get the look of chastisement and disappointment again i am sorry that you never really knew me and the astonishing person i am without the feeling of your eyes watching my back my every employment of a task my words to strangers and the blush of lost lovers that you took over in your zealous need for control i watch as those leaves blow in this october breeze and cover your name i kick earth to help your journey into the rain soaked ground hoping that the worms build casts over you and the roots of the rose we planted constrict your body as you had mine.

KD 19/10/14

NB. this is a work  fiction and is not about my mother!! Who is very much alive and a truly wonderful person!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014


self portrait by Vivian Maier


Silvered reflection
seek green eyes
stare backwards
through the mirror
hold there
daring not to blink
never looking away
or lose
that exquisite moment
that shivers
through goose pimpled skin.

Paper laced shadows
are the backdrop
a racing heart
the melody
plunge depths unknown
catch thoughts in fingertips
decipher a code
see a soul revealed.

KD 12/10/14

How strange that self portrait has come up this week..just as we have been taking pictures of ourselves for the shop....! See here for others work....

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


escape from the smoke
surely fire will follow
the crackle of scorched earth
echoes through scratched leather shoes
reaching a freed heart seconds later
skyward eagles circle
eyes focused on carrion
that dress homemade from goodwill cast offs
was never your colour
dun brown and buttoned up neck
held  you in your place
the blessing  snagged on wire
blood droplets spring forth
escaping as you escape
from the hurt
the humiliation
the drudgery
run free and fast
buy that dress of your dreams
flimsy and inappropriate for everyday
cut your hair short and sassy
stare them down
let them watch awestruck
as you unfurl those wings and fly.

KD 7/10/14
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Excitement mounts!!!

In a couple of days time I will be heading here...

so excited to meet the amazing Erin who started me off on this flower growing journey.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Winters Heart/ Force

i want to walk on water
until the weight of despair drags me down
and i sink knees scratched by
jet and broken glass
i want to feel the ebb of the tide pull me under
drag me and i want to strain and pull myself free
too feel the victory
of myself against the elements
i want to rise gasping pushing salt water from my eyes
and look at the sky as if for the first time
a blue piercing bright  revelation
i want to rip off the soaked clothes
i hate those clothes
green and harsh i cast them free
i want to feel the cold breeze against bare skin
see a train of ripples as i walk to the shore
my wake following me
bowing and folding into itself in reverence
i want to feel that freedom
unhindered by conventions of code and dress
ignoring cruel looks from onlookers
i am reborn
i am an unstoppable force.
This first poem was written today 24/9/14
the poem below is the first time i made a poem fit the picture and it didn't work for has been playing on my mind that it is no way good enough, so i wrote the prompt again.

I come to you
in waves across distant oceans
i am washed up
sand sore
deep crevasses
weeping salt 
you come to me 
at dawn
the sun barely shimmering daybreak
my half opened eyes 
reflected onyx 
focusing on fading dreams
 standing at night
blackened  moon
a tolling bell at midnight
 changes me
I dance around my emotions
a winters heart

KD 21/9/14

Sunday, 14 September 2014


watch the sky
its empty
save for vapour trails
and the direct flight of the raven

and hope
to see high
 twirling joyful swallows
 mill and chatter

one last glimpse

a promise

if i'd known you would go today
i would have stood for hours
last evening
to fill my memory
of your beautiful
lithesome ballet

how can i bare to wait so long
to see you again?

KD 14/9/14