Sunday, 31 August 2014

out of sync

dark harbor. 1943. n.c.wyeth

i baulked at the sight before me
covered my nose with a hand
breathing in floral scent to mask
fish scales and brine
happiest were the gulls
their wheeling dance
making me crouch
as feathers flew close
conversation argumentative
between snapping beaks
lapping water at the harbours edge
left me agitated
as the sun rose
i kicked at stones.
KD 31/8/14

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

we are pale

image courtesy of

ash blonde 
tangled feathers
splice gently
watch the sleeping babies
and ruffled
inverted eyes
see only the hidden words
glazed in dust
since winter
sing the song 
of songs softly
and awaken faltering heartbeats
blink in the shimmering sun
of a hundred years ago
rewound again
the departed
breathe life
a flutter
gaining  momentum 
the crow cries 
from the church spire
the new life
the old death
we are pale.

KD 28/8/14

Sunday, 24 August 2014

light the candle

starry night by alex rueiz

we lay at  sunflowers edge
blisteringly golden
night moths hum in our ears
whispering warnings
we imagined owl silhouettes
bats swooping to catch our scent 
come suicidally close
our hands entwined 
catching handfuls of stars
feeding our wonder
illuminated clouds drift
shadowing our closeness
lighting the candle of knowledge
you trace constellations 
planet to milky way
across my heart

kd 24/8/14

Sunday, 17 August 2014

To Brother Isle

                                                           Yell Sound, Shetland, 2014, by R.A.D. Stainforth 

you hold me as we round
rough edged and storm bound
warm in guernseys knitted 
by old crones
dripping  emotions like sea-spray
coloured indigo and paynes gray
we blend into the heather scented hills
of August
dusted purple and hiding grouse
flushed out
their cry startles the world still
cloud banks jumble winds
and porpoises follow on a racing tide
you hold me as we round
the coast to Brother Isle
push the soaked tendrils of hair
from my eyes
we watch gannets dive
thudding south spearing game
as they scream
you kiss my eyes free of salt
as i bury my fear in your neck
and pray for journeys end.


My worst nightmare, a boat, a storm, I am not a sailor!! See everyone elses take here

Sunday, 10 August 2014

red line

Keith Haring

surrounded by the red line
our dance macabre excites
demons and devils
volatile debris builds up
suffocating hopes
laying  waste to heartfelt dreams
crushed yearnings 
and inclinations
fall discarded.

KD 10/8/14

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Liz Taylor on the set of Giant by Frank Worth

your gaze
whips up a sandstorm
my emotions curl
and spin uncontrollably west
into the blue sky stratosphere
of longing and desire
my mind turns to cold and ice and unruly bad behaviour
while the heat of grit burns
brands in my skin.

KD  3/8/14
 (copyrighted material)

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

red comet

you gaze
long lidded and aquiline
a blush of gold
shimmers o'er you
my heart beats faster
your gaze holds mine
through eons of time
lost kingdoms and dust
lie between us
frankincense fills the air
long trapped in pillars of stone
sand filtered
piles up around us
the sun and moon aline
as the red comet flies overhead.


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