Sunday, 27 March 2016

breaking bread

Image by David Ligare

Breaking bread.

i will break the bread with you
wrinkled hands hold passion
although that's nor evident to many
cast it onto the waters
feed the unseen
my lips are stained with burgundy
drops stain my dress
from my mouth or yours?
i sign the cross deep on your chest
you beg me to follow
i scratch an epitaph on oak floorboards
sweeping away the lies as i go
a humming bird hovers for nectar
she is willing but ultimately despondent
the bees are fallen
lily pollen coated  fingers
are not enough to sustain
the light is hour lost
hidden at the base of a japanned trunk
holding crushed peony petals and star anise
it may be found come October
but there is no certainty
by then we may be reclaimed
or found in other places
waiting for a key
or a song
or a scent on the breeze.

KD 27/3/16
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  1. I like the line "the bees are fallen
    lily pollen coated fingers
    are not enough to sustain." Beautiful memories and emotions.

  2. I think we could be found in many other places and a song is a place I am often found in...


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