Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rattigan dreams

photo steven kelly

we took the road to the isles
the one they said we shouldn't
fresh snow hiding treachery
in sparkling gullies
we turned at Sheil Bridge
pulled in the passing place to let others
in more suitable vehicles by
and watched the eagles soar
snow blinded against the blue of Loch Loyne
breathless  beauty
of untouched hills
and saw Rattigan
an ideal at once in our eyes
tipping to the shore
of upturned summer boats
and imagined wild anemones and thyme
scented air
its ancient walls bulged
and smoke stained chimneys told
of Gaelic tales by the fire
highland plots and skulduggery.
wayward to the Kyle
to watch for otters and seals
to slip silently under salt ice
the power of the malt warming our bellies.

KD 25/8/13

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  1. Hello.......well done and thanks for sharing your words

  2. What a joy to find a happy outcome to the passing place photo! :)

  3. Evocative and absolutely lovely...

  4. The words' road to the isles ' always start me singing... :)

  5. A very nice comfort at the end of this easy to feel it1

  6. evocative, indeed, and altogether a beautiful read - i thought, good that somebody lets that treacherous road run its course - like a "less traveled by" kind of poem that for these nature lovers could indeed have made all the difference

  7. This was a lovely write..I enjoyed so many lines.

  8. Calming & beautiful imagery. I, like Jerry want to see this Rattigan!


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