Sunday, 30 October 2011


I hadn't been working for him long,
that big shot author
he thought he'd hired a cleaner
someone to dust around the edges
 pick up the the hurled mistakes
and mop up the ink stains of his frustration
on the cheap.

Slowly I smoothed out the creases
jotted a comment
sowed  a seed
made him look to a further horizon
a blank wall is not inspiring, I said
so he moved to a vista of endless possibilities
and took me with him .

My magpie tales no 89 from Tess


  1. I like this, and I suspect that many writers have had just such a character in the lives. Often it's an editor, sometime someone less obvious.
    My Magpie this week is Poet.

  2. What a nice little poem-tale. I would've expected Mr. Big-Shot to be a jerk about it.

  3. Hi Ann, maybe at the start, but he realised he was on to a good thing!

    Hi Roy, I like the less obvious!!

    Thanks for your comment Kathy

  4. Amazing I think in future I will just send you my pictures and you can do my have such a fabulous way with words Kay xx Such stories do you write, other things ?
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  5. Lynn you are so sweet!!!!if i have a prompt i am fine, left to my own devices i am hopeless and write your pictures of that cottage..theres a story!!! love Kay xx

  6. nice...see this could be a really cool story if you expanded it...the unlikely love...all for taking the time to notice...

  7. Beautiful ending.....a vista of endless possibilities sounds wonderful for any muse. :-)

  8. Loving this Magpie Tale. The final line brings a full-fledged grin!


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