Sunday, 12 July 2015


i didn't see you go
the chest settling rattle
now silent
vanished into the bed sheets
white and starched and straight

one day i may regret that

i visited Kahil Gibran
and found solace
within his words
striding across the skies in a jet stream of beauty

in my mind now
you are astride a Norton
riding into the sun
free and vibrant

while we stay lost.....restrained and slow
awaiting our release.

KD 12/7/15

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  1. Perhaps you may need release from demons. An intriguing tale fraught with hints of mystery.

  2. A real sense of loss and longing.

  3. In your warm interiority , seems he can never grow old

  4. Melancholy but nicely written. You've got some nice language in here. :-)

  5. My first visit here (I do not get the time I would like to have to blog and read others) and it will not be my last. I truly love where you took this, where it took me....

  6. That is such a beauty... "while we stay lost.....restrained and slow
    awaiting our release." Loved it!
    We are lost in a world still away from our ultimate goal. Good Work!

  7. Losing someone close beautifully described.


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