Sunday, 11 March 2012


              image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

I see her silhouette 
against the colbalt sky
late spring sun is setting 
 moments away
I crouch here
in the thicket off the path 
my  breathing shallow
as the blackbird calls to his mate
shrill and clear
my knees are black with decayed leaves of last autumn
they are stiff with the exertion of stillness
our walking talk of fairy tales
babes in the wood 
wolves and red cloaks
are evading her imagination
she has called and called 
in that voice
slightly breathless now
the rasp of fear
one more minute
and i will appear
then relief
will turn to anger
I will get a slap for my prank.


  1. I remember hiding like this as a child...but as soon as I held still enough...I realized I had to pee...

  2. Nice Mag ~~ especially the cute ending. I played 'hide and go seek' for what seems like years and years as I look back.

  3. ugh...yeah its not too funny when it is your child you are looking for...i can imagine her heart thumping out her chest....

  4. Oh, not so funny if it goes on for too long and makes others fearful because of it.
    Wonderful prose, great imagery.

  5. beautifully written... and don't I remember moments like this!

  6. I like it!!! I think I did that once!!!

  7. this is such a cool take on the prompt but never mind that! i'm amazed at the stark and rich dive i took into this experience and i see others are noticing the same sensation . . . so, thanks!!! steven

  8. Entertaining; very clever...

  9. nicely done...thanks for sharing tis

  10. this is a very visual enticing photo, and yet you saw the sounds in ti, cool

    depth of field


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