Sunday, 8 April 2012

Let it fly

image djajakarta

the barking dog 
shattered the illusion
of my fragile thoughts
the idea that had formed
disappeared into fragments
cast to the swirling winds 
around me
it took all my strength
eyes closed and hands clutching my heart 
to piece it together
and let it fly. 

Magpie tales from Tess here

real eggs are my most hated food stuff!!! ever since been make to eat them at point of rebellion against this was to refuse ( aged 5)and so was made to sit in an empty dining room all afternoon instead of attending class. Thank goodness things have changed in schools now!!
I years later cannot eat an egg...unless its chocolate of course!!
Happy Easter to you all.xx


  1. did the barking dog also shatter the shell?

    birth death its all the same

  2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I very, very rarely ever eat an egg and, around age 6 I was made to drink hot milk and eat fish. I hate both!
    This was a great response to the prompt :)
    Nice to meet you!

  3. ha i like the allusion of it as a thought shattered...and then ultimately released...nice...

  4. oh, lovely - your idea came through brilliant and high-flying (not at all like Alice's Humpty Dumpty, which I was reminded of)

  5. The dog had every right to bark at such an unusual sight! Pity about your train of thought.

  6. ahhh yes . . . in the moment and then "bark" the moment is shattered . . . steven

  7. excellent...and may all your eggs be chocolate!

  8. Now cool hand luke is up there swirling around, while the hounds howl. This moved me somehow

  9. May many chocolate eggs be yours...

  10. You've captured the fragility of thought so well here.

    I rebelled against egg-eating as well as a child, and still do not eat them, unless they are baked in a cake. But, I admire greatly the beauty of eggs in their perfect shells.


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