Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weeping Forsythia

Sick woman 1665 Jan Steen

In closed and curtained rooms
the pendulum swings down
with the passing time.
Wooden floors creak as you tiptoe by
hoping not to waken me, shivering
I pull close my paisley shawl, eyes closing.

Thick air clouded with scents of weeping forsythia and burdock
my china cup cloudy with remnants of potions to cure me,
scattered dandelion and angelica seed,
dust ground down.

As night draws in, the candlelight flickers
shadows of the watchers in corners
and in a room close by a baby mews
for the wet nurse.

KD 7/10/12.

I give many thanks that last week my daughter gave birth to a healthy, beautiful little girl,and they are both well. With gratitude.xx

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  1. What good news. You must all be so happy for the new life that is part of your family.
    Nice setting in your poem, what with all the flowery potions and lotions. No burdock or hemlock I hope :-)

  2. May your new arrival give and receive much happiness. I await grandchild number 4 this coming week.

  3. Congratulations... I just love babies!!

  4. How wonderful to read the news of a birth, for the poem put me in a place of despair. Not complete loss, but unknowing... will she die or live?

    But now, in my mind, she is part of creation; even if her life goes out, there is a new flame to continue her legacy ;-)

  5. trust the weeping forsythia to cure the infection....of course she will live!!,,thank you all for your comments and good wishes,,x kay

  6. what a wonderfully happy time for all! I do see where your poem came from too! Congrats for your daughter!

  7. First off, Congratulations!
    Secondly, this poem was a delight.
    A feast for my senses.

  8. I like this. The potions that cure, and we have many. I love the idea of the watchers in the corners. Great read!

    Congratulations on your granddaughter.

  9. Yes it reeks of child this image , does it not ? , and i am glad for you the worry is done and your cup runneth over, tour words convey fhe relief.

  10. Lovely writing in celebration of a new granddaughter!!!

  11. Congrats on the arrival of a new-born. It would start the whole experience of child-minding all over again! Nicely Kay!


  12. Congratulations!

    I like how you implemented the home remedies into this piece. Well written!

  13. This is so atmospheric. I really like the description of the scents and potions and the feeling of inevitable doom. On the other hand I add my congratulations on the arrival of a grandchild - nothing but joy there!

  14. Illness, but a newborn balances life.

  15. Lovely atmospheric write and congrats on the new arrival!

    Anna :o]

  16. I cannot express to you my great appreciate of your stanza mentioning the herbal antidotes. How wonderful.

  17. Wonderful news! Shades of past times walked the floor with this verse - perfect!


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