Sunday, 2 June 2013


waking waking singing in a next dimension 1979 morris graves

your heart is laid
in my palm
life line to life line
i feel us beating
darting eyes assess the situation
and quickly look away
gently i remember
cobwebs of time
listening to your songs
a homage to the earth and the skies
of wonder and elation
your iridescent plumage
emerald black in this light
stirs feelings yet unknown
deep down once 
in a feathered nest 
a knowledge that frowns with frustration
then by way of a turn of your head
you speak to my soul
just as you spread your wings 
and fly.

KD 2/6/13

have you ever held a tiny bird caught in the cobwebs of a dusty shed?
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  1. Lovely! Emerald black so perfectly describes a shiny wing...

  2. Those opening lines wow! You make me feel inspired absolutely stunning =)

  3. Expressive and lovely... loved the last lines...

  4. Your poem captures the magic of the moment you held the bird in your hands.. :-)


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