Sunday, 13 October 2013

For Louis

sometimes when i dream of you
you are playing
prancing round the garden like a circus pony
a stick tossed in the air
and caught by those broken old teeth
sometimes i just feel your fur
short white fur
or your velvet brown ears maybe just cocked listening
for the biscuit tin to open.

i remember you as a puppy
and how you ate my shoes. my pants,
well you ate just about anything
how your life was nearly cut short
by the incident we don't mention.....
however you survived and had many more scrapes
with tractors, on roads, other dogs
and your bullying of the cats was legendary.

As the years rolled on you mellowed
into just a fairly bad dog
people gave you a wide berth
frightened by your hardcore looks
you were my protector
my minder, my companion.
Being such a character people still talk about you
and how your antics made them laugh
you are not forgotten.

Never judge a dog by its looks!!!  Still miss this boy after too many years of not having him with me.
Written for The Mag go here to see the others work.


  1. Very beautifully written Kay! It is beautiful!

  2. Savvy, sensible and rather moving...

  3. This made me miss my Ralphy dog...

  4. sorry Tess...dogs they break your heart don't they.. x

  5. Kay: beautiful, I've been there. I know the pain, the memories, moments you would't trade for anything.

  6. oh my gosh so true so true... wonderful companions never forgotten...

  7. Fine words for a fine dog who has left you with fond memories.
    Anna :o]

  8. Seems he is still alive and well to me !
    Good one

  9. Lovely tribute to your dog. They do wrap themselves around our heartstrings, don't they. Thank you.

  10. I miss my old pets too! All of them.

  11. A fine tribute to your doggy friend.

  12. Seems 'fairly bad dog" was mightily loved. I know the bull-dog was bread for tenacity - but then breeders started breeding for devotion (or some such thing) and we have the modern day bull-dog. I hear they are GREAT with children - says a lot about them.

  13. Hi margaret, playing with naughty little boys was his fav thing to do!!


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