Sunday, 3 May 2015

I pour over the details.

What if I take moments in time
capture it in the lens?
I can look back
feelings lain bare.

White skin, stretched taut
over white sheets
once starched but now crumpled
with effortless desire.
Hedonistic tendencies fly into dull corners
fading sunlight reducing their ardor.

I wanted to bring you flowers
bright dying things for the table
it felt somehow wrong,
in the circumstances.

Later over smoked salmon bagels
I picked at the bones of us
the sadness of a singular entity
assuaged by a finger touch of hope
of a repeated performance.


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  1. Nice write. Favorite line "bright, dying things for the table".

  2. "A finger touch of hope..." Beautifully written.

  3. interesting how everyone is taking this image- hedonistic tendencies indeed!

  4. intriguing write; luv the reflection in these lines

    "Later over smoked salmon bagels
    I picked at the bones of us"

    much love...

  5. I love the used up look of things in this poem, the fading sunlight. . . nice.

  6. Oh I think some things do not work out as expected.. sad really.

  7. All good things must draw to a close ... I like how the Sunlight fuelled you both

  8. You caught the sensual vibe of the image .. Nicely.


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