Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bury Me in Petals

photo by Ed Ross

a dozen pink
faded blooms
sensually unfurled
frame my passion

sherbet scented perfume
hovers overground
where i lay
my lips part to its touch

tendrils of vine and sweet pea
curl erratically to the sun
as i sink lower
collapsing briars hold with thorns

your shadow 
blinds my eyes
adorn me
place petals around still feet

wed me with a bindweed flower
pearl white 
caught with dew

 a powder blue of larkspur
and scattered lavender
surround my limbs
now slack with want

wait awhile
as stray ants find me
tickling skin before you
set my breath to shiver

plait my hair 
with a candy twist of dicentra
little beating hearts twitch
as a  passing butterfly catches a memory.

kd 12/1/16


  1. Well now, that's just about perfect.


  2. You painted sleep/death with majesty and beauty, like a celebration. I have seen few persons abled to paint such picture

  3. that so well described that can watch the scene!


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